Monday, September 27, 2010

30th year anniversary show OCCCA

A celebration of current and past members of OCCCA
October 14 – November 27, 2010

Orange County Center for Contemporary Art
117 North Sycamore, Santa Ana, CA USA 92701

This year OCCCA is entering its 30th year and to celebrate this historic event we are devoting two months to showcase and reunite our past and present members.

We invite you the OCCCA alumni to participate,
We have a proud history of providing cutting edge thought provoking shows and showcasing a diverse range of art from hundreds of talented artists from around the world. We could not have made it this far without you.

A catalog will be created for this event :

Alexandria Allen
Angie Bray
Ann Phong
Barbara Berk
Bardene Allen
Burt Palisi
Carol Saindon
Carole Gelker
Christina Ponce
Dali Polivka
Darlyn Susan Yee
David Harton
Denise Di Salvo
Diana Frawley
Eileen Anderson
Eric Strauss
Evalynn AluFay Colmar
Francoise Issaly
Gabriel Mejia
Gina Genis
Hamid Zavareei
Janet Mackaig
Janice De Loof
Jean Towgood
Jeff Alu
Jeffrey Crussell
Jeffrey Frisch
Jennifer Irani
Joella March
Jorg Dubin
Julie Easton
Karena Massengill
Kebe Fox
Kurt Weston
Laura Hines-Jurgens
Lee Willmore
Leslie Davis
Linda Southwell
Lisa Popp
Lynn Kubasek
Marcia Louise Cox
Marilyn Ellis
Marsha Turner Pluhar
Melanie Kehoss
Mildred Kouzal
Mike Sasso
Nancy Kooslin
Pamela Keilson
Pamela Grau
Patricia Turnier
Patricia Whiteside
Phillips Patrick Merrill
Paul Silkowski
Ray Jacob
Rebecca Erbstoesser
Richard Bohn
Rik Lawrence
Rob Mintz
Robert (Bob) Tartter
Scott Ferry
Sergio Salgado
Shoshana Ernst
Stephen Anderson
Suki Berg
Susan Elizalde-Holler
Suvan Geer
Theresa Fernald

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