Monday, January 24, 2011


Falling through tunnels of sensitive sweet memories, cute youth and soft touches.. 1979 boy white skin body and blondish hair.. i see each spirit in turn swirling around my body and yours.. purple then green.. they tell me of your wonders and your hells..

The liminal space where life and death mix and a hallucinatory other world opens up has always fascinated me. This in-between space and the gateways that lead to and from it have always permeated my work in many ways. The shade of what happens after death, the separation and the loss of things held dear, the entities that live between this world and that and the possibility of our metamorphosing into a more flexible nature. Much like a flower or child that dies quickly I have grown to understand how fragile life can be and how that can make us cling to the possible idea that there maybe an eternal life. But eternity is only interesting if it includes change. And why not, as an artist, learn to create my own reality which equates with my own changing belief structure and opens up many possibilities both to myself and to the viewer.
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